Wednesday 2 July 2014

Zombie Training I
Although there are NO Zombies in my books, while doing research I discovered that the Zombie Apocalypse aficionados had the most detailed and most realistic survival scenarios for when the SHTF. No wonder various health and disaster organizations are using a ZPoc when devising emergency scenarios. It also helps that by using "zombie" they don't have to name the current or future enemy. Zombie is the generic enemy, and it's fun, too! (It also completely dehumanizes the enemy, an age-old wartime tactic, so we don't feel so bad about killing them.)
I also discovered a number of useful acronyms:
ELE = Extinction Level Event
ABAO = All Bets Are Off
COG = Continuity of Government
PAW = Post Apocalyptic World
FDE = Flat Dark Earth
FHOA = Four Horsemen Of the Apocalypse
WROL = Without Rule Of Law
INCH = I am Never Coming Home

So: If there is an ELE without COG then ABAO because the FHOA are going to deliver a PAW that includes a FDE and if it is WROL, then INCH. Do you have your BOB packed?

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