Monday 21 July 2014

The Hunt For Tomorrow was Yesterday

Hey Folks,
Thanks for following the trail on The Hunt For Tomorrow. This was a Ton 'o Fun to get together and an excellent pack of writers to yell "Release the Book Hounds" with. I hope you enjoyed it.
And if you read the excerpts from Acceleration, Book 2 in The Laws of Motion trilogy, I'd love to know what you think.  They are no longer available, so good on you for taking action, when action was required. I will sort out my winners tomorrow.
The Winner of The Hunt - the person who has dictated the parameters for the progressive story that twenty of us are going to start writing on Wednesday - will be announced shortly. Well, definitely before Wednesday, because we need to know how to start the story, don't we? I'm writer #3. I'm half scared, but three-quarters excited. Each of us has ONE DAY (who the hell suggested that? Oh, yeah, me) to come up with between 500-1000 words that make up a chapter. 
My problem is that I just tried to write a short story of about 1500 words (a kind of practice for this story) and ended up with a very nice story-- of 5000 words. It's called BOB. Brevity is not one of my assets.
We're going to be posting the daily writing as we go along, I'll let you know where that will be, but assume it's on The Hunt For Tomorrow Blog, where you started this crazy scavenger hunt and probably on the facebook page. 
I hope whatever you caught on this Hunt has been properly cleaned and dressed so you don't have to deal with any of the messy bits and that it provides delicious reading.
And all that.

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