Sunday 13 July 2014

Zombie Training 2

Zombie Training 2
I undertake lots of research for the stuff I write. Sometimes it takes me on tangents that last several days but end up as two or three words in the actual story. To reiterate, I don't write about Zombies, but somehow the zombie sites have the best information.  For instance, the BOB. The Bug Out Bag. I read a lot about them, perused many a zombie and survivalist website seeking out the perfect BOB. I still haven't decided. If you, dear reader, have a suggestion for the best BOB I'd be happy to hear it. I have a family of four plus dog. But the kids are in their early teens and likely to ignore any directives to 'leave everything, I've got the BOB.' So I'm thinking a BOB for one, for now. It's not like I'm going to ditch all of them, I simply want to get an idea of what makes a good BOB. Market research as they say. I won't tell them where it's hidden, though.
As part of my research I spent the day with Marine Sergeant Steve in windy California. He showed me his typical MRE package. That's Meals, Ready to Eat, for all you unprepared folk.

And this is what that actually looks like, if you are a marine. Marine Sergeant Steve did not make any disparaging remarks about his MREs. I think if you are some place like Afghanistan, which he was, and your tank gets blown up while you are in it, which he was, and you survive it, which not everyone did, then complaining that your MRE isn't quite up to your culinary standards makes you an asshole, which he certainly is not.
That said, I am curious what the civilian version of this is and want to take a BOB for a test drive. I am going to do some cursory research and then order one of the suckers up. Recommendation are welcome.
Now, as part of my research I also discovered that some people have put a lot of work into survival statistics. And, should there be a Zombie Apocalypse of the traditional sort - slow-moving, dim-witted, but single-minded in purpose - then to survive you need to be able to run six miles. That's the number, by God, six miles and you're likely to survive. The first wave anyway, but that's usually enough, statistically speaking. So I have begun my Zombie Training Program with the aim of being able to run six miles, with a BOB on my back of course. I have begun my training with a brisk walk. Wish me luck .I shall keep you posted on my progress.

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