Sunday 6 October 2013


I've been slowly accumulating reviews (if not sales), all of them good so far. Yay. What has impacted me the most is the depth and thoughtfulness that so many of them have.They really read my book. And then thought about it. A lot. Writing the second draft of book 2 will be harder in some ways now. People read every word. Who knew?

4 stars - I was at the edge of my seat, cried a few times, even a few gasps. That is how you truly know that you have a good book in your hands .
5 stars - Can I just say WOW.
5 stars - ...enticing and thrilling.
4 stars - If Divergent and Partials got together, EXTERNAL FORCES would be the result.
5 stars - LOVED it!
4 stars - This was an amazing book.
4 stars - A great YA dystopian debut with a combination of action and romance.
4 stars - ...a truly gripping tale. The first night that I started reading, I stayed up far beyond my usual bedtime...
3 stars - Did I like the book? Yes. Were there still things that confused and troubled me? Yes. I do want people to read it so we can talk about, though, which is always a good sign.


  1. Glad to see that you're getting some strong reviews! Before I reviewed your book, I didn't even know who you were--but now I'm over here cheering you on. It's always exciting to discover a new book that you really believe in. So, even though I am completely broke and can't afford to buy books, I'm glad that I can at least encourage others to do so.