The Catastrophe Theory

Once upon a time there was a hunt. The Hunt For Tomorrow. It was a scavenger hunt with 23 dystopian authors participating. Now, 20 of those authors are going to write a progressive story based on a few things provided by the winner of The Hunt.

TITLE: The Catastrophe Theory
TROPE: Technology Catastrophe
CHARACTER NAMES: Jared, Eve, Cassandra.

It starts on July 23 with Joseph Turkot writing the opening chapter, followed by Cary Caffrey and then me. And then the rest of them after that. We each have one day to write 500-1000 words. I just wrote my first short story, aiming for 1,500 words. It ended up at 5,000 words. You could call me nervous and you wouldn't be wrong. 

It starts on July 23, 2014. You can follow the progress of the story at HuntForTomorrow